Proud Pappa, Entrepreneur Poet, Man in Love

Minor Local Celebrity. Micro-celebrity actually – my daughters are my biggest fans

1978 World Kung-Fu Robot Roller Skating Dance Champion

Wired Enthusiast

Mover to the Stars

Dreamer, Doer, Leader, Learner

Frequent Looser, Constant Victor

I secretly wish I was born with a red ‘fro

Dream of sailing from Panama to the South Pacific

Have a plan to conquer the world

Over the moon for J9, Maddie and Cattie

Antique Aficionado, Wine Snob, Collector, Agitator

I Know the True Identity of Dr. Evil – IWA IAW

Working on My First Book, Leather Bound, Multi-Volumn

Scurvy Ridden, One-Eyed Rum Chugging Pirate King in Past Life

Want to hang out with Stacey Peralta, Tim Ferris, Marc Echo and Chris Anderson

Off Sugar

Counting Blessings

Currently involved in a Plot to Overthrow the Dominant Culture

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