I am an Entrepreneur.

I am hungry and aggressive.

I am intolerant of sloth.

I am rushed.

I am creative.

I am addicted to risk.

I have a high threshold for pain.


My failures are measured in dollars.

No one shares my victories.


In elementary school I made a small fortune selling candy in the lunchroom.

In middle school I traded you part of my lunch for the answers to the test.

I sold lemonade for a quarter in the fall.

I sold frozen kool-aid in spring,

I sold frozen sugar water all summer long.


I always had a paper route,

A lawn mower,

A snow shovel

A window squeegee,

A rake,

A water hose,

And a paint brush.

I grew up with dirty hands and money in my pockets.


I’ve lost it all,

And I’ve made it all back.

I am an Entrepreneur.


Who do you think came up with the first hand tool?

I came up with the first hand tool.

It was a rock carved into an axe.

I traded 30 of them for a season of meat and fed the whole village.

First they carved the axes then they made me chief.


Who do you think invented the wheel?

I invented the wheel.

Let the others break their backs.

My motto is work smart, not hard.


I taught you to fish, farm and till the earth.

I taught you to weave, to sew and to dye.

I taught you to grind flower and bake bread

I taught you to dig wells and irrigate.

Who do you think taught me?


I dug the earth,

I mixed the clay

I spun the pot

I fired the kiln,


I made a fortune during the Bronze Age.

First, I discovered Bronze.

Then I sold the spear.


During the Iron Age

I learned the art of Mining

I learned the art of Navigation,

I learned the art of Empire.


I fed the Greeks at Troy.

I baked Roman bread for 2 millennia.

I sold the Robe.

I even ran the church for a while.


I supplied the crusades,

Both sides actually.


They called it the Golden Age;

Math, Science, Architecture and Art.

My hand was all over it!


Oil Paint, Gunpowder, silk,

Rat Traps, Horse Shoes and Soap,

I made it, I traded it,

They couldn’t get enough of it.


They called me “The Elder”,

They called me “The Magnificent,”

They called me the Merchant,

Call me what you will,

I am an Entrepreneur.


Copernicus, Galileo, Leonardo,

Giovanni, Lorenzo, Michelangelo

They all knew me well.


Do you think I filled “The Globe” for free?


I built the banquet hall, “The Queens House,”

The Palace and The Chapel.

Then I filled them all with finery.


Jacob was with me,

I helped around the Angel as much as I could,

At the Café Procope I debated Voltaire and Rousseau.

I pushed Diderot and when he finished,

I pirated it, I copied it, I smuggled it and peddled it.


Spice traders and Explorers

Sea Farers and Pirates.

Do you think they weren’t Entrepreneurs?


I discovered the Pacific,

I discovered the Madeira and The Azores

I discovered the Northwest Passage

And I discovered the New World.



Did you really think you could keep me subservient?


Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

Who do you think came up with that line?

Finally, room to do my best work.

In less than 150 short years I built the greatest nation in history.


Why do you think I wanted the poor,

huddled, tired masses?

Opportunity seekers all.

Look what we did!


Electric Light, Gas Motor, Model T,

Telegraph, Telephone, Television

Household appliances you take for granted,

Air condition,




I am the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.

I am the tinkerer, the fixer-uper, the do-it-yourselfer.

I am the guy that sells you gas.

Look around you for a minute.

I came up with everything you see.


I am determined, driven and direct.

I am a dreamer.

I will always end up on top.

I am self sufficient,

I will never starve,

My creativity is boundless

and I truly care about my fellow man.


I believe it can always be better.

I am working on making it less expensive,

It will soon be faster, smaller, tastier, and automatic;

more convenient, quieter and portable.

I’ll make it multi-colored, touch screen and organic,

Florescent, solar powered, and easily digested.


I want you to know what I know.

I welcome your competition.


Introduce me to your kids

Let me visit your schools

Read books about me.

Get to know me

I can get us out of this mess.

I am an Entrepreneur.


You can tax me,

You can regulate me

You can fine me

But you will never kill me.


I am bigger than governments.

I control the wealth of nations.

I am an Entrepreneur.


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